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Wow Bali Become 3 Best Islands In The World on 2019

Wow Bali Become 3 Best Islands In The World on 2019

Good news comes from Bali. Besides being famous for its million beauty, the Island of the Gods also often receives various awards.
This time, travel magazine based in New York, Travel and Leisure, put Bali in the top 10 best islands in the world. Even the Thousand Pura Island defeated the Maldives, Greece, Thailand, and Hawaii.

Before determining the winner, Travel and Leisure conducted a survey from 6 November 2018 to 4 March 2019. The survey was intended for readers to share their stories and opinions when exploring tourist destinations, trying out cruise ships, spas, airlines, and other travel service.

For more details, here are the 15 best islands in the world Travel and Leisure version:

1. Sri Lanka, with a value of 92.12
2. Palawan, Philippines, with a value of 90.87
3. Bali, Indonesia, with a value of 90.76
4. Milos, Greece, with a value of 90.50
5. Maldives, with a value of 90.48
6. Anguilla, with a value of 90.28
7. Crete, Greece, with a value of 90.12
8. Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia – Canada, with a value of 90.06
9. Koh Lanta, Thailand, with a value of 90.00
10. Azores, Portugal, with a value of 89.77
11. Páros, Greece, with a score of 89.37
12. Fiji Island, with a value of 89.18
13. Galápagos Island, Ecuador, with a value of 88.73
14. Santorini, Greece, with a value of 88.53
15. Maui, Hawaii, with a value of 88.32

From the list above, it appears that Sri Lanka won first place. The country that entered the South Asian region scored 92.12.

Sri Lanka has a variety of interesting tourist activities, ranging from exploring the green hills, exploring the national park, and seeing wildlife – from leopards, elephants to peacocks. That has not been coupled with combing the beauty of a row of beautiful beaches, to try diving and snorkeling.

The second position was won by Palawan Island. The most beautiful island in the Philippines was rewarded with a score of 90.87.
The 5th largest island in the Philippines has a unique topography with cliffs, limestone rocks and underground rivers. Palawan also has a variety of interesting natural attractions, for example swimming at El Nido Beach, along the Cabayugan River, diving shipwrecks in Coron, to seeing fireflies on the Iwahig River.

Furthermore, there is Bali which has always been successful in stealing the attention of tourists from at home and abroad. The Island of the Gods never fails to anesthetize tourists who want to take a break from the dense activities.
Not only is the island the winner, the destination doesn’t want to be left behind. Yes, Kelingking Beach ranks 19th out of the 25 best beaches in the world at the 2019 Traveler Traveler’s Awards Awards.

In addition to establishing Bali as the number 3 best island in the world, Travel and Leisure also lays Ubud as the 6th best city in the world. In fact, Ubud defeated Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Rome, Udaipur, to Tokyo.
Every year, Travel and Leisure routinely issues awards entitled The World’s Best. In addition to issuing the 15 Best Islands in the World, there are also categories of 5 Best Resorts in Indonesia, 15 Best Cities in the World, up to 10 Best Islands in Asia.



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